Our Story


We, the Archila family, have been always involved in agricultural life, producing for more than 20 years buffalo meat and palm oil. As a farmer family, we know how difficult it is to sell the products at a fair price, and we understand the struggle the majority of farmers have to go through. We know both sides of the coin, as producers but as well as buyers.

In 2008, Camilo Archila bought a terrain in San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia. Five years later, we were enjoying our first cup of coffee directly from the coffee plantation, 1.800 meters above sea level. But we thought we couldn’t keep the great taste of the coffee for ourselves. We had to do something greater than that. Something that gives other coffee lovers around the world the possibility to taste it,  but also learn from our experience as farmer family and contribute positively to other farmer’s life. With this in mind, Tikuna was born.

Tikuna Coffee is singularly made up of pure Colombian high-quality coffee, which is achieved under the friendliest environmental and social conditions.

Currently, the plantation is farmed by John Jairo and Magnolia. However, we aim to buy also coffee from our lovely neighbors and other farmers around Colombia.