Social engagement


I always wanted to help people in my country. Three years ago, I decided to start with a foundation. The idea was to give children the opportunity to have a better education, such as I had. For various reasons, I could not continue with it. My goal was to make a school for Socially Disadvantaged Children in Bogotá, Colombia. Why should education have a price? I want everyone to be able to decide where they want to study, how they want to be educated, regardless of money.

Now after my studies, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to combine two things I am passionate about. Coffee and social change for my country.  I am aware that  I can’t build a school in Colombia from one day to another, Rome wasn’t built in a day. However, what I can do, is bring Tikuna to Germany and tell you my story and share my culture. This will be the first stone towards building social change.

Con cariño Daniela


Without a doubt, Tikuna stands for the people of the region, as for 1 Kg of coffee Tikuna sells, 1€ goes to a social project. Two clips in the coffee bag are representing your contribution to social change in Colombia. 

One symbolizes the wild parrot, who is always guarding our coffee field. It represents the freedom that farmers have, where they can value their coffee beans without being tied to the market prices.

The other is the embodiment of the social movement of Tikuna. Every morning, as you take the clip out to open the coffee bag, a freshly, homely, and exciting smell delights your day. Not only you will gain something out of it, but also the people of our region.

Formemos Foundation

If you want to make a difference but you don’t have the resources, that’s no problem! Just start small like us. We, for example, pay 3% more to the Formemos Foundation, which supports us in the processing of the coffee. That way we set another stone towards social change.

Are you wondering what does Formemos do? The Foundation is a non-profit entity whose purpose is to provide integral and preventive education to Socially Disadvantaged Children.