Tikuna Team

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John Jairo Cardona

John Jairo has been helping with the coffee plantation since the beginning, for almost 10 years. He takes care of the coffee field, from planting the trees to selecting the best beans for you. For John Jairo, coffee represents prosperity, a source of work, and new opportunities. 

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Magnolia Cardona

Magnolia, as her husband, John Jairo, harvests the coffee and picks the best cherries for you. Magnolia is a singing bird. Everything she does, she does while singing. Her good mood and smile is very contagious and this spreads cheerful energie to all of us.

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Jose Luis Archila

Jose is the one who always is looking to improve the scalability of Tikuna. He is Daniela’s partner in crime, being one of the founders of Tikuna. With his cheerful personality and determination, you will end up unexpectedly buying a Tikuna coffee, even if that wasn’t your first intention. He is that good!

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Daniela Archila

Daniela’s major responsibilities are to coordinate the exportation of the coffee and the sales in Germany. However, she is all over the place. From coordinating the coffee processing to selling it in Europe. Every state of the supply chain has a bit of Daniela in it.  Yet what drives her is not only her love for coffee but also the social impact she wants to achieve with Tikuna.

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Camilo Archila

By encouraging his children to contribute positively to the farmers’ lives, he gave the wings Tikuna needed to fly. However, he decided to stay in the land and support the team with the land logistics.

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Juan Camilo Archila

What everyone needs in the morning is a good cup of coffee. Juanca brought the idea of Reccon coffee to Tikuna. Thanks to his experience in the field, he does not only wants to offer a high-quality coffee to the others but also support his disabled veteran brothers.

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